About us


was established in 2002 to research and development, design 3C products started. 3C design in business for many years, the deep understanding of a good product, not as simple as the appearance. But by a series of sophisticated computing, design, layers of assembly together. No matter from the electronic circuit design, structural design and even to the appearance of the sample design, like building a house, even a screw to strive for perfection.

BMJ has an independent design team, factory and production capacity, factory equipment includes laser cutting, laser engraving, CNC machine (three-axis, four-axis, T5, T6, 850),3D printing, Characters, three characters, and so on.

BMJ Co., Ltd. has a great design team, design advocating minimalism, practicality is the design of the spindle, the ultimate goal is to create more value-added products to achieve "profit" and "beauty" win-win world.